Green Ethos

Eco Papers

With the exception of signage, all my wedding stationery is printed in house and I use a mix of 3 beautiful eco-friendly papers as standard; a premium white recycled card stock, plantable seed paper and recycled kraft envelopes.

The 280gsm white card stock is 100% recycled although you would never know it. It has a gorgeous deckled texture, a luxurious feel and it supports the highest quality print result. This recycled paper has a lower impact on our planet in several ways; it not only saves deforestation but it uses approx 50% less energy to produce compared to new paper and the process of recycling emits fewer carbon emissions. Carbon is retained inside the paper when it is recycled rather than being released when incinerated or broken down in landfill sites. Win win really.

The plantable seed paper that I use is actually completely tree-free! It should also really be called ‘seed card’ as at 260gsm it has a weight more in common with a card stock. It is handmade using traditional techniques, from 100% pre-consumer waste cotton (which is completely biodegradable) it is then embedded with seeds and air dried to give the embedded seeds the best chance to germinate. The seeds within this paper; Sweet Alyssum, Common Poppy and Black Eyed Susan have all been named by the RHS as ‘Plants for Pollinators’, because they are rich in nectar – attracting butterflies, bumble bees and other insects. And they really do! I have enjoyed more bees in my garden, since planting this paper, than ever before. As we know, these insects (bees in particular) as so important for supporting our eco-system and to think that wedding stationery could play a small part in helping bio-diversity – well that’s just a beautiful thing!

I offer 100% recycled Kraft envelopes as standard with all my invitation ranges. If you prefer the aesthetic of a coloured envelope, I have handpicked a selection of various shades which work well with my designs from the GFSmith Colorplan range – these papers are also sustainable, they have an FSC accreditation meaning the paper has been produced and harvested in a responsible manner.

Plastic-free Packaging

When you receive your order – be sure to place the packaging in your paper recycling because everything included in and on the box is 100% recyclable; no bubble wrap or polystyrene in sight here! Just cardboard boxes, paper mail bags, recycled tissue paper and paper tape. I will often also reuse packing paper I receive from my own environmentally conscious suppliers and have begun shredding offcuts of seed paper to create padding as it just seems too good to put in the recycling… Grow it if you can!

Green Production Practices

Within the production of your stationery every effort has been made to keep wastage to a minimum. Any off cuts or waste printed paper is in turn recycled and I also recycle all my Canon ink cartridges for the benefit of a local charity. Canon purport that 97% of each ink cartridge is recycled into other products.

Carbon Positive

I am proud to say that Laura Likes is carbon positive! Ecologi have calculated the carbon footprint of the business and not only plant trees in my name every month across the world and in the UK, but also fund world-leading climate change solutions to, more than, offset my impact. It’s nice to think of the Laura Likes forest growing as my business does!

The cultivation of new mangroves in Madagascar